A God in the Shed

A God in the ShedA God in the Shed by J-F Dubeau

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A God in the Shed is a horror read full of twists, turns and complex relationships with characters that leave the reader often asking, “What happens next?”

The story takes place in the village of Saint-Ferdinand. Its residents live in constant fear due to the regular disappearances and murders of its citizens. A powerful, evil god is lurking in the shadows and there are different groups of people working to contain this dangerous being for very different reasons. The god reveals itself to a young girl in the village, and she will soon learn just how much of the village of Saint-Ferdinand is tied up with this mysterious being and how important it is to contain it.

I found the plot and the backstories to be very original. The book was filled with new ways to envision gods, ghosts and the ethereal world. J-F Dubeau did a great job with describing characters and settings in incredible detail without becoming mundane. If you like books with creepy, gory detail – give this one a try.

I also love reading books where each chapter focuses on a single character at a time, which is this book’s format. I like bouncing between characters for a glimpse of how the plot is unfolding in their point own of view.

Unfortunately, there was just too much complexity for my taste. I would find myself confused with what was going on, or losing track of the characters because at times there were so many. I also felt like the pace was very slow throughout much of the book, only to culminate in an abrupt ending to the story (though like I said, the detail was incredible and kinda made my skin crawl, which is good).

Overall, I think A God in the Shed is extremely creative and original and worth giving a try if you like a little gore in your books.

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