Exciting News!

Drum roll, please…I just wanted to announce that I have a short story that will be published in Issue 3 of Rhythm & Bones web zine! It’s a sad, eerie tale. Look for my story called, “The Thing About Abandonment” when it comes out in January! I will also post a link to the issue. I’m so excited because this is my first short story to be published! And it couldn’t have found a better home than with Rhythm & Bones.

I’ve downloaded their Issue 1, Woman Burning. It’s so achingly beautiful. There are poems, short stories, art and photography. The editors nailed it. The visual beauty of the art/photos combined on the same page as a moving or heartbreaking story is just amazing. I love sitting back and reveling in the fact that there is just so much creativity and emotion that is poured into every image and every word. Thank you to all the authors who shared a little bit of their heart and soul with the world in issue one.

Check out their site to experience Woman Burning and for submission guidelines if you feel led to express yourself here (just be sure to read their “trigger warning” letter from the editor if you may be dealing with trauma): https://www.rhythmnbone.com/

I will be sure to link to Issue 3 upon it’s release so you can read my first-ever published short story!

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